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Hello! and welcome to the last post of 2017 on my bullet journal set ups, if you have checked my posts on style and on every monthly bullet journal set up I have posted thank you so so much! i could not be more grateful that this little space is growing.

For this month’s bullet journal set up I choose a snowy forest theme, I had never seen a white winter, I had seen snow but it was only once and i did not get to see it fall (sad face). I hope this explains my little my weird obsession with white winters. I drew this mountains the other night, and i think it came up pretty good so i decided to paste it into my bullet journal. I got the inspiration for the drawing by watching tons of pictures on Pinterest, for the snow on top of the pine trees I used white liquid corrector.

On the other page, I have my monthly calendar, I went for a smaller grid again and for decoration i drew some pine trees and added some snowy forest washi tape to make it seem like there was a forest in the background.


Next I have my master to do list and goals for the month of January, in the bottom I drew some simple mountains. On the next page, I have my Expenses and budget page, for the title I used a marble washi tape, i think it kind looks like fog.

In this page i have a pretty new “idea,” this is a content calendar for the month, I am planning on writing here all things I want to post during the month, including Instagram, for this blog, and youtube.

On the right, I have a brain dump page for both the blog and youtube, here I want to plan outfits for lookbooks as well as for blog posts.

On the next page, I have a page for my wishlist for the month of January. And on the right I have a trip planner, I will be heading to Palm Springs, Ca. at the end of January for my sister’s birthday. Because we are renting a car and we have to pay for the hotel and other stuff i created on top a mini-budget, to write an approximate of the expenses. Underneath I have a space for the places we have to go to either on our way to Palm Springs or on Palm Springs.

Lastly, I have my weekly spread, I got pretty excited when I noticed it was week one!

I went for a pretty small set up because I don’t have that much going on. I put a blue note stick at the end of the page for my tasks and to-dos.

And that is it for this post, I hope you guys enjoyed this set up, I am madly insanely in love with my January 2018 page, I am planning on drawing more, possibly with watercolor for February. Thank you so much for stopping by!



Products used:

Staedler Pens

Snowy Forest washi tape -Similar:



Tree trunks washi tape

Lights: Target

Journal: Lechtturm 1917

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