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Hello everyone! hope you are all well

After 4 essays, 5 finals, finishing an internship and working almost full-time, I am finally free from school! For all of you who are starting your winter breaks (my last final was on December 20th), I feel you… the happiness is inexplicable.

I have been meaning to shoot this post for over a month, but it has been completely impossible because of how busy I was and also because I am in the search of a new photographer, due to my old method: iPhone + tripod= not being good enough. Anyway, since this is a one woman blog I went ahead and accepted my lonely fate, and you can see the fate in some of the pics lol .

I love statement/graphic/outspoken t-shirts, i feel that the feminist tee trend has been around for such a long time, but for an unknown reason I had a hard time finding one, even when you go on any social media platform and everyone and their momma is wearing it.

I am also loving these red boots from Forever21, I was a little intimidated by wearing a red shoe, but it turns out that they are surprisingly easy to style (just as the red kitten heel in my previous post), and I love how they add a little extra to an outfit, especially if the outfit is more laid back, such as this one.

For a jacket I am wearing this old parka I bought from forever21 a gazillion years ago, and for pants these straight leg from Asos petite, even though I am 5’2.6 petite clothes won’t fit me, the legs and arms are too short for my body, when I received these pants I was scared that they would not fit, although the legs are a tad short for me they look amazing, they give a great shape to your booty and waist. I def recommend.

And I have a question for y’all: Do you prefer blog posts that are shoot in location (street) or behind a white background?






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  • Clarissa Hoover

    Love the red boots!

    January 1, 2018 at Reply
    • Julie Russ

      Thanks love!

      January 1, 2018 at Reply

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