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30 BEFORE 30


Hi everyone, today i have a little bit of a different post for you guys!

I decided to go a little more personal and share with you some of the things I would like to accomplish/ to do before I turn 30.I am currently 25.5, I will be 26 in July, so that means that I have around 4 years to accomplish, hopefully, some of this things on the list.

so here they are:

1 Live alone:

I know this may sound a little strange considering i am already 25 and I am pretty sure people at that age don’t live with their parents anymore, but in my culture ( Mexican) people usually leave once they get married. Is not like they are forced to stay but parents don’t have any issues with their kids being 34 and still living with them. Also, I don’t want to have roommates, I want to have the freedom to decorate my place as I want.

2. Euro Tour

Meaning I want to set foot in many countries

3. Brand new car

4. Have a serious relationship

5. Pay school debt

6. Pay credit card debt

7. Have a bunny pet

8. Go to Fashion Week in a fashion capital (NYC, Milan, London, or Paris)

 9. Have an old Hollywood themed photoshoot

10. Throw a theme party and go all out

My plan is to throw a pirate theme party, and do a treasure hunt at night while drunk with rum.

11. Learn French

12. Live in a different country

13. Visit all Disneyland and Disney worlds in the world.

14. Write a book

God knows about what…

15. Have a clothing line

16. Travel by myself

17. Get involved in cause

I have always wanted to work in the shelters for people who have been rescued or run away from the sex trade

18. take an spontaneous road trip by myself

19. Create a photo album

20. Do a 30-day challenge

21. see Swan Lake by a famous ballet company

22. Go to New Zealand

23. Visit a little village in either Italy, France or Greece

24. Start saving money for retirement

25. Be Front row in a big concert

26. Travel more around Mexico

27. Hot air Ballon ride

28. Go to Turkey

I guess this counts as part of the Euro tour

29. Go to a women’s march for women’s rights

30. Go on pointe

I guess I have to go back to ballet

And that is it for this list, hopefully i will be able to accomplish some of these, it would be so awesome if i actually could, thanks for reading




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