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Hey there! hope you are all well!

As part of my goals for 2018 I have been attempting to wake up earlier every week, I am trying to follow a Morning person Routine i found on Pinterest, i think it is kind of cool to take it as a challenge, it definitely makes it more interesting. I hate waking up late because it is time i feel is wasted, for example I could be going to the gym or working on my to-dos for the day, but waking up after 10:00 kind of ruins plans etc. If one of your goals is to wake up early as well i would recommend to do it as a challenge and start slow, for example decrease the waking up time by 20-30 minutes each week.

Anyways, I have been enjoying my winter as well, I love winter style, and if i could i would go all out, but here in San Diego is not even that cold so I have to improvise. Like this “winter” outfit, which i love:  I wore it to go to a date but i can definitely imagine my self wearing on a day to day basis.

Also, I have been wearing this tan blazer from Forever 21 a lot, and i mean A LOT. I usually paired with a basic t-shirt denim and white converse. But because this was a fancier occasion I went for a black muscle tee from H&M underneath, and some black leggings from forever21 as well. To give this look some shape, since the blazer and the muscle tee are shapeless i tied a skinny belt around my waist.


For boots I went for my favorite pair of boots which are these studded ankle boots from Asos. for accessories I am wearing my dear baker boy hat, which i take almost everywhere (hey it works great when I did not wash my hair) and this chained bag, i have been overly obsessed with this bag lately, although i do have my season where i love it and others when i consider throwing it to the trash. For extra warmth i did wore a light coat on top.

I think this is a great autumn/winter look because of the colors and indeed it looks quite cozy.


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