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Hey there! I hope y’all having a great beginning of the year so far!

Im pretty decent, I fell down the stairs two days ago and my whole body is kinda of sore, not a great beginning of the year if you ask me, hopefully I will be save from more accidents.

Also, I have been putting a lot of effort in my new bullet journal; I am about to go back to school on January 17th, so i definitely wanted that done and also to show you guys how is coming along.

I am using the Leuchtturm1917 Medium Size Hardcover A5 Notebook – Dotted Pages – Black which is the same journal I used for my last bullet journal. What I really like about this journal is the hard cover, the dotted pages, which makes it easier to draw lines either horizontal, vertical and diagonal, the amount of pages and the quality of the pages. The only thing I wish is that the pages where white instead of the yellowish tint they have.

I am going to focus on my collections, including personal, blog/youtube, and school collections; the February set up will come maybe in two weeks? I am still not sure which route to take for my February BUJO because I am not into the whole “Valentine’s day” situation, #foreveralone.

so here it is my 2018 bullet journal collections, keep in mind that i will change bullet journals on June-July because I usually ran out of pages by the end of the school semester.



Technically my first page is this quote, I read something similar on Pinterest but I did not Pin it,  the last part of the “soul on fire” got stuck on my mind so I kind of made the whole thing up, i was not able to find the actual quote so I guess is half mine and half of the author.


For this year, i decided to do a full calendar, which was a pain in the booty to create, you have to be careful to not mess the days up, especially since it is the whole year. I marked the days in which i have events going on (2 birthdays and 2 concerts).


4. 2018 GOALS & 30 BEFORE 30

Please don’t judge me lol, these are my goals for the year, hopefully I will be able to accomplish some of these babies.

My favorites are to hit 1,000 in Youtube, go to therapy, get diet by dietician, and take more road trips

The 30 before 30 is a pretty new page, on my last bullet journal I had a bucket list without any defined time to be accomplished, but now I thought that it would be a good idea to actually have a time frame. I am currently 25 years, so that means i have 4.5 years to complete some of these. I think is nice to have goals, and I definitely wish I have had them before (when I was younger).




My ideal day is technically for my days off, I already have my schedule for next semester so there is no way I can break that day since I have to go to class.

I love having these types of lists, I had one on  my last bujo as well, I changed it up a little bit and I divided them by work, lifestyle, health, and productivity. I like to read this page when I am not feeling motivated, also last bujo I did do some of the items on the list and I think I definitely had a better year.

My ideal day is technically for my days off, I already have my schedule for next semester so there is no way I can break that day since I have to go to class.


Another list to improve life is to have a list of things that make you happy as a reminder of what you enjoy, when I was in a bad mood or unmotivated I went back to the list, did one of those and make me feel better

Because I do a lot of online shopping it comes on handy to have your body measurements written down.


One of my goals for this year is to take more road trips around California; on my last bujo I had this page as well, but I never took it too seriously, but this years is a must to road trip! its kind of shameful that I have been to a few places around my state.

I always like to try new coffee shops, is nice to go around the city seeing new things, i was thinking on doing a section about places in San Diego, in general not just coffee shops, here on the blog but I am still debating. I think this list would come in handy.


This wishlist page is only for more expensive things that take time to buy, I do mini wish lists on my monthlies as well but they are usually for clothing and cosmetics.

Having an older car is definitely a waste of money, I did not knew how much money I was putting on my carcancha (SPANISH: NOUN old car), until i began to fill my car expenses list on my last bujo, in 6 months it amounted to $827!


this is not an actual morning routine, is a waking up early challenge, which I found on Pinterest: the goal of this challenge is to wake up earlier and earlier each week, which i do want to do. I hate waking up late, except when I go out the night before and have a hang over, I think it is a waste of time. I like going to the gym early in the morning, come back home and work while I drink coffee, but when I wake up at 11 the day has gone by and end up not going to the gym because my coffee crave is showing me the middle finger. I kind of successfully completed week one and woke up at 7 am, except for Friday and Saturday, the weekend is going to be my days off.


Last month, a took the 16 personalities test, and these were the results, apparently I have the architect-turbulent personality. I must say this description of my personality is pretty accurate.

The wishlist savings page is pretty new as well, or at leas the layout, as for right now my priority is to buy a new camera.



Here I will be tracking all of my social media by month, at the end I have my blog views and visitors

I got the inspo for this page on the ememworld on YOUTUBE, she created this page and I thought it would be a good idea to do something similar to focus specifically on Youtube. The only thing was that i wasted time completing this tracker all the way to December when I will not be using this bullet journal.


This time around I went with a list calendar. On my last bujo I did 6 grid calendars, but because there was not enough space it ended up looking like a hot mess. I hate with my soul looking at messy pages so I decided to stop using it. Also, i wrote everything with a pen, which is a really bad idea because this is mostly like a place to brainstorm for future months and sometimes I change or move ideas. For the new collection, i wrote PENCIL ONLY on top, just as a reminder for myself to not use a pen.



I removed a lot of collections for school because i did not use most of them, like the grade tracker, i filled it for the first month and then I stopped. But I think the class time table was pretty useful, especially during the firsts months when i kept forgetting where my classes were. For the class description I will be adding the classroom numbers later on as well as the cost of each book.


for the syllabus I went with a two page spread, I can’t believe i had enough space for the whole semester! As you can see Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are smaller than Tuesdays and Thursdays and that is because I won’t be going to school on either Wednesday or Friday, and as for Monday I only have a lab, where we usually don’t have tests and only turn weekly homework.


OK that was a long one, and that is all the collections I have on my bullet journal; overall I really liked how it came up, I think all the collections will be useful, I like how minimalistic I kept everything as well.

i think is kind of sad that this is technically my last set up by semester, I will be graduating Uni in May of this year, so probably i will start another for the whole year instead of dividing them by semester. It is kind of nerve wrecking to know that I am about to close a chapter of my life, especially since I have never been out of school, and enter the world of working 9 to 5, having a routine, having to get stuck in traffic with the rest of the people who work in offices and trying to make our way into Downtown… Or at least that is how i see it!

Thank you so much for stopping by

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