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I have been in the hunt for a teddy bear coat since November, but because they are pretty popular at the moment they were sold out, except the overtly priced ones.

In the middle of my desperation, luck smiled at me and I found this baby on the Urban Outfitters website, because i had just received my paycheck so I immediately order it. Two days later the coat arrived at my door, and as soon as it arrived I open the package and was pleasantly surprise on how cozy and soft it is.

It feels like wearing a blanket with sleeves, until today the coat/sweater has not shed, which is pretty good sign. The only thing is not so much of my liking is that the coat is really oversized, this is an xs/s size.

San Diego’s winter is not the most friendliest for us coat lovers, mostly because it rarely rains and the colder hours are usually early in the morning (4-7 am), and because of this, us, ¬†southern californians tend to suffer more when a little bit of cold actually comes our way.

One of these rare days happened after I received this baby, and outside was “freezing” and when I came out I could feel the cold in my face but because I was wearing this teddy coat I could not feel it in my body or hands ( I had my hand in my pockets), it was weird moment to go outside and not feel that I am shivering.

Underneath, I am wearing a pretty basic outfit, which is this white tee from H&M, black denim and black ankle boots.

Thanks for reading

-Julie X

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