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Hey there! hope y’all doing alright, I am so excited for this bullet journal set up since early February because I have never done a space theme, so I spent all month thinking how I wanted it to look like. So here it is!

1. Month page:

I bought a black thin cardboard paper from Michael’s and a white gel pen at Blick Art to do this page. This pen is A+MAZING! (A+ get it? haha) the ink is so opaque and I love how it looks on the black cardboard.

I went for a galaxy with some stars and constellations. I am so madly in love with this page is not even funny.


2. Calendar

For this month, I went for a two page calendar; on the top right corner i have an April mini calendar, you know to attempt to look into the future. Underneath the mini calendar I have a space for my goals for the month. Also, for this month I chose not to do my monthly master to do list because I did not use it as much last month (check it here) so underneath the goals section I have a space for a to do list for the month.

3. Habit tracker & Budget

Another change for the month, I am back with the page-ly habit trackers, the reason being is that I was not using it, so I decided to add them in my weeklies, but I usually forget to leave a space in the page for it, so I went ahead and did the whole page again.

The budget page is the usual…

5. Content Calendar

I love using this calendar to plan the month’s content; also I like to separate the weeks to keep everything looking clean and organized.

6. Brainstorm

For both the blog content and youtube videos.

7. Instagram

I was planning my instagram content on the content calendar (mentioned above), but things were getting a little messy mostly because i don’t always follow up with the plan (you know things that get on the way), so I decided to give the instagram content it’s own page.

8. Wishlist: items I would love to get during the month.

9. Week 1

This is the set up I usually use, mostly because it is easier to create but also because I work better with the vertical to do list.

10. Week 2

Even thought I usually use the set up mentioned above, every once in a while i like to experiment with other weekly set ups, I usually find my inspo for new weekly set ups  in pinterest and I change whatever it needs to be changed to accommodate it to my personal needs.

I apologize for some of the photos (aka. week 1) I have no idea what’s up with the lighting I swear I was next to the window with great sunlight… Anyways, that is it for this bullet journal set up,

Thanks for reading

-Julie X



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