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Hi my beautiful people! I hope y’all doing alright


I missed a whole week of posts because I am so busy with school, I have 3 tests this week and if you are or were a student y’all know how difficult it is to juggle so many things at the same time. Also, I attempted to shoot twice this outfit, both without too much luck; this post has been brought up to you by my little sister who happened to have a hang over the day we shoot this, but I bought her a burrito and a Gatorade as a thank you.

I recently ordered this shearling jacket on Urban Outfitters, if you want to get it I would run because they just restocked, and that is how i was able to put my little hands on it. Yeah another teddy jacket, everyone and their mother is wearing this, we all have seen it all over Instagram, but I think part of the charm of the jacket is that it is a pretty unique piece and although it seems like it is going to be difficult to style the good news is that it is not.

This particular jacket is pretty heavy and comfortable, it definitely feels like it is pretty good quality. I feel that with this outfit I am giving major California girl in the 70’s vibes, what I love about it is that you take the jacket off and bam! you are casually dress for spring, which makes it great as a transition outfit. Also, I have this weird love for these light pink sunglasses and the oh baby top, both from Forever21.

The bag I have carried around everywhere, even for school, I love box bags because they have an almost vintage feel to them + you can fit a lot of stuff in there. This white bag is from forever21 as well.

-Julie X


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