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Today’s challenge is my 10 top songs, this one is a tough one because when I was creating the playlist on my phone I ended up with almost 40 favorite songs, so I had to cut 30 loose.

  1. Cola – Lana del Rey: I used to hate this song mostly because of the way it started, so the first line says “my pussy tastes like Pepsi cola” and I went like “oh my god, this so gross! what is wrong with her?” but later I started liking it a lot, i find that it has this vintage classy and at the same time ratchet feel to it and I love it. I can hear it multiple times in a row and don’t get tired.
  2. Sone- Zoe (MTV Unplugged): Zoe is a Mexican rock-indie band, and there is two versions of this song, one is the regular one and the other is the Unplugged for MTV, I like both, although they sound completely different, the Unplugged has such an emotion to it.
  3. When You were Young- the Killers
  4. Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You- Frankie Valley & the Four Seasons: This one makes me cry every time I hear it, my dad loved this song (he passed away) and I loved it but I did not knew who sang it and he was the one who told me what the name was because it was one of his favorite songs. So now the song makes me cry because it reminds me of him and how much he liked it.
  5. The Blackest Day-Lana del Rey
  6. Ride- Lana del Rey
  7. Lady- Modjo: on a happier note
  8. Quiero – Shakira: This is a super old Shakira song, it was one of the songs on her technically first known album back in 1995.  I wish she would go on tour to only sing her 3 first albums…. I’ll keep dreaming….
  9. Touch Me I’m Sick-Mudhoney: the candy for my rebellious soul
  10. Music Sounds Better with You- Stardust: I think this song was the only song released by “stardust,” when someone from Daft Punk and I don’t know who else (if you know comment down below) got together and created “Music Sounds Better with You,” they should have made more music….

Honorific Mentions:

-Traveling at the Speed of Light-Joywave

-West Coast- Lana del Rey

-Use Somebody- The Kings of Leon

-Razor Blade- Zoe: My spy theme song (I have always wanted to be a spy so.. I had to have a theme song)

And yep that’s it

Do you know/like/love any of these songs? Probably you do…


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