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Hello my lovelies!

Is anyone ready for spring? I am most certainly not! I was waiting for the cold mornings, the rainy days, wearing 1,000 layers, drinking warm tea in the cold nights while I am wrapped up in a cozy blanket…and it did not happen!

During the whole season the temperature was late 60’s mid 70’s, hows that for a lack of winter?! By the way winter is my favorite season, I love wearing coats, hats, boots, and gloves, + I hate shaving my legs. I’ll cross my fingers for a colder year next fall-winter. Also, I am super close to graduating from university, I have anxiety and bitter sweet feelings all at the same time. It is weird to think that I won’t be going to school anymore. Hopefully I will be able to get a job fast because homegirl has six months to pay what is owed to the school.

I decided to start this season with a pretty classy/no fuzz outfit + quite minimal. I love this type of outfits for spring-summer because of the simplicity and the light colors. 

I love structured white button downs, especially when they have that “boyfriend” feel to them; this one is from H&M and I got it 2 sizes bigger than my size, so that I could get the “boyfriend” oversized look, I am originally a size 4 and i got this shirt in a size 8.

The pants are this vintage denim from H&M as well which you probably have seen 1,000 times because I do usually repeat items here on this blog.

As for the shoes, I am wearing these red kitten heels from ASOS. I LOVE the kitten heel trend, we saw it last year as well and I am glad it will be a “thing” this season too. Another item that make a comeback this season as well are the straw bags, especially the mini ones. I love straw bags because they add that summer feel to any outfit. I got mine in a trip to Yucatan, Mexico last winter, and it still amazes me how good the quality of this bag is and it is beautiful. I wear it so much that it is starting to get dirty.

For sunglasses I went for my micro kitten sunnies and I am wearing gold medallion necklace from Forever21.


Today’s challenge: My pet peeves, I have tons of pet peeves I don’t even know where to start, I guess I am such a hater. What really pisses me off is when you are driving, especially on the freeway, and you know when you have to leave a  “one car length” space just in case the car is in front of you stops, you have time to stop and not cause a wreck? Well, I HATE with my soul when dumb people (usually they are asshole men with race cars) who like to get in those spaces because they want to pass the traffic, and then you have to stop because if you don’t you will hit them. These idiots are not thinking that when they do there is a higher probability that you will crash their precious cars, honestly I don’t care is mine gets damaged, what I care is that is their fault is something happens but I would have to be blamed for that because I was the one who hit them. So people please don’t do that is annoying and disrespectful. And obviously they are not that much in a hurry and they just want to play the “I am all that”  “i am cooler than you” B.S.

Anyways I am done with my rambling, What is you pet peeve?

Thanks for reading!


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