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Hello! Yes this is it, the last week of this 31 day challenge, only I come up with these random ideas when I know that I can’t really keep up with them, I can barely keep up with my normal scheduled content. This def was too ambitious, but i learned my lesson.

I finally finished my bullet journal set up for April, it took me a long time to draw because this month I actually put more effort into keeping the theme going plus I did a lot of changes for my pages.

For this month I chose to do a green house theme, so everything is plants and greenery.

1. Monthly calendar: For the monthly calendar I went for the list instead of the grid just to do a little twist, and I divided the page into two: the personal is for tests, assignments, payments and little reminders, and the blog section.. well is to plan my blog posts for the month of April.


2. Habit tracker: I drew 9 little boxes each with 31 days and each for each habit I want to do during the month, I used a table last month and I didn’t use it at all


3. Goals: I also changed my goals for the month page, I usually have everything clustered in a mini space next to my monthly calendar, but this time around I divided my goals in sections.

4. Budget

5. Blog Planner: I am all about being more organized during this month and part of that is being able to plan my content. I drew nine boxes, each for a post I will be uploading on the blog.


6. Video planner: The same goes for YT, however I haven’t been able to keep up with the channel, probably that will happen this month as well because I don’t have that much time to keep up with everything

7. Wishlist

8. Blog and video ideas: I love how this page came out, I usually have one brain storm/planner page for my blog and YT content, but now everything is divided into sections. The upper part is for future blog posts and the lower part is for video brain storming

9. Weeklies: I created 2 weeks in advanced because like i said before I don’t have that much time to spare during the day, so I like to create my weeklies in advanced.

And that is it for this month’s set up! I think this might be one of my fave spreads ever!

I forgot to mention I used two Tombow green (Dark Olive & Hunter Green) markers for almost all of the plants as well as the olive green and Silver Grey Staedtler pens.

Today’s challenge topic is What Makes Me Feel Better, and I think I am going to go with working, drawing, and planning in my bullet journal. It takes an amount of days for me to finish a monthly set up, so every time I am free I work on it, but sometimes when I have anxiety at night and I can’t fall asleep I’ll get up and work on it. I like it because it allows me to use my creativity while letting go of the issue.

Thanks for reading!


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