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Hey there! here we are, day 6 of the 31 day challenge, so today’s topic is 3 personality traits I am proud of. Which is perfect, because a couple of month ago I took the 16 personality test, and I am still obsessed over the results because it truly describe my personality.I forced my sisters to take it too and they agree that their results do describe their personality. Also, I went ahead and read the different personality types just in case it was one of those things were you can fit in all of them or are vague. But nope, they are all different, and I could not find any that fitted me so well as The Architect personality type. So I guess I am going to use those because they are the true thing about my personality. If you decide to go ahead and take it.

  1. Independent and Decisive: I love to describe my self as such, I do think  I am both because 1) i don’t like to rely on others, i rather walk the road by myself and I rather to not ask for help. I am pretty capable of making decisions on my own, and even thought I have been wrong a handful of times, which I think is alright considering I barely hit my mid twenties, I do (for the most part) take responsibility for my own actions.
  2. Creative and Imaginative: This is the trait that allows me to have this blog, I have always been a pretty artsy individual, in high school every body loved my graphics, both drawn or made in photoshop, and i was considering majoring as a graphic designer, once I got to college, I wanted to be a photographer and then majoring in film production, I ended up in psychology because it’s one of those field where you can work in almost anything. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy it, but I think I would have be better at a major where I could use my creativity more.
  3. super observant: I have like a super eye that zooms in for details and weirdly behavior. I think it is because I overanalyze everything, from plans to conversations, to what is happening around me.


1.Vinyl Boots

I you are following me on Instagram (if you are not is free baby), you’ll see these boots non stop, don’t go as far as my instagram, three of my latest blog post featured this boots as well, you’ll see that I am crazy obsessed with them, I have literally been wearing them for weeks in a row. These kids are from Forever21, i don’t know if they still have them (they do + clearance here)  but they are so comfy and soft. This is the first time in a long time i don’t get blisters for wearing new shoes. Also, I love that they have a heel but the heel is not to high. They are perfect in every sense… This is love you guys…

Similar: forever21,  I actually have these in red (post: shinny vinyl)


2. Oh baby top

another obsession of mine, duh this is what this list is about, but oh how i like this top, which was featured as well here on da blog (the shearling jacket). I got this top from forever21 too, and i thought it was cute, i think it was part of their Valentine’s day collection, although when i got it i wasn’t thinking about V-day, i was thinking how much i like graphic tees with red writing on it. Also, the quality of the ink they used for the graphic is great, I already wash it twice and it has not faded.

3. Shearling jacket

I got this shearling jacket from Urban Outfitters at the end of January, but I didn’t really wore it until early to mid February, mostly because San Diego was going through a heat wave. I really like the 70’s vibe this jacket offers. I don’t mind that everyone and their mother is wearing it because, for what i have seen, we all style it in so many different ways. The quality is quite good, i think that for the price UOF could have done a better job because the jacket does shed and in all honestly i hate having fur on my clothes.

Similar: UOF

similar: ASOS 

4. Micro sunglasses

Also featured on my polka dot dress post, this sunnies have been the only sunglasses I have been wearing for the last month. I got them at H&M, when I first saw them I thought they would look horrendous on me, but fortunately they do not!


5. My Favorite Murder podcast

One of my passions are real life case murders, specially psychopaths and serial killers, i do read a lot about them and I find it weirdly fascinating, mostly because i like the mystery associated with them and how police and others find clues that tie the killers to the crime scene. Anyways, whenever I mentioned this “dark” part of me to someone they think I am a psychopath who is going to murder them in their sleep. But apparently  I am not the only one, I began listening to this podcast in early February because Sammi (from Samantha Maria, youtuber) mentioned it on one of her vlogs, so it awoke my curiosity and there I was. I love this podcast, the girls are hilarious and they love talking about the murders,which is a great combo because they do take it seriously but not too serious. Technically in every episode they discuss two different murders they find interesting, sometimes they’ll go by categories (e.g. murders that happened in the 70’s) or they’ll just choose whatever they find interesting. I am barely on episode 17, but I am definitely binging on listening, if that even exists!

Listen here 


What were your faves during February? I would love to know!

-Julie X

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