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Im going to start with this post in the usual way I start with my 5 loves from the past month: I cant believe we are in April already, I remember March like it was yesterday…For real thought it’s too fast for my personal taste. So I have so bits and bops that I really enjoyed during the month of March:

  1. White Boots: the scariest trend EVER! but i love them. These were featured in my White Boots & the Checked Blazer blog post from early March. I got this babies from Forever21 and the quality is amazing! they are so soft and easy to walk in, most importantly I love how they did not hurt my feet in any way, shape or form at all. Usually, when you wear more affordable shoes you have to pay a painful price because they usually hurt your feet, but these did not. So good job Forever21! 
  2. Tinted sunglasses: yep another forever21 purchase. I got this “micro” sunglasses because 1) I love the micro sunglasses trend and 2) tinted sunglasses are such a trend right now, so obviously I had to jump on it as well. I like the almond shape of these sunglasses and the pink tint they have, I wish they were smaller, but probably they do look smaller on someone else and I just happen to have a small face. 
  3. Boohoo Floral Kimono Top: Finally a non-forever21 purchase! but surprise surprise this is from Asos… yep i spend my money on either forever21 or Asos. The moment I saw this top I opened my mouth wide open, I love the color the print, the kimono shape, the sleeves… just every thing.   This top was a little present from me to me for good grades. 
  4. The Dream Foundation by Maybelline: I got this foundation out of mere insane necessity because I ran out of my usual foundation (rain forest of the sea by Tarte). So when I was walking around the makeup alley this foundation caught my attention. I went ahead read the reviews, some said it suck but I bought it anyways and I must say I love it. The Dream foundation itself is pretty light with medium to full coverage, the color matches me perfectly, which is usually a weird because they are either too pink or too pale, I love that it has a pump, and I think the color range is pretty good.
  5. The Walking Dead: Yes, I am super late to this party but better late than never right? I used to hate the Walking Dead because, even though I had never watch it, I hated the zombies due to their slowness. I thought the story would drag forever because of the slowness of the zombies, unlike like 50 days later or I am Legend, where the zombies tend to be faster and more aerodynamic? Anyways, I still think the zombies are super slow and I don’t know how the group manages to get catch by these zombies. however, I understand that by the zombies being so slow the group tends to live longer. The moment the show caught my attention was when I was walking by and my little sister was rewatching all the season, I think she was on season 3 or 4, so I sat down and started watching it with her, and then I went ahead and started with season 1. I think the show has a good story line and everyone is such a good actor, including the baby. My favorite character is Carol after season 4, she is so cool. I like how she is so smart, intuitive, good at keeping a cool head, and good at planning stuff (like when she rescued the group from the people at Terminus). I feel that she doesn’t get as much attention as she deserves.


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