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I don’t wear jewelry often and when I do, i like my jewelry to be simple yet aesthetically pleasant. Mejuri does a great job with keeping their jewelry bold yet minimal.This bracelet is from their new Dome collection, which I have been researching and I must say it’s beautiful. I love how the this collection has a different bold shape, and not only the bracelet, their earrings and rings as well.

I also love the fact that Mejuri create fine jewelry that is not only beautiful, the quality is amazing and it is affordable. Even thought the bracelet is pretty bold it is not bulky or heavy, which for me (someone who is not used to jewelry) is great. Also, in case you have not noticed, I have sticks instead of arms, so jewelry that does not look like is carrying me instead of me carrying the piece is a big deal, which did not happened with this bracelet.

When I was contacted by Mejuri I was very surprised, mostly because the only times I do get contacted some ghost company wants to take money out of me. Honestly, I was super skeptical about the whole situation until I opened the box, which took me a long time to do because I am extremely paranoic and thought there was a bomb inside of the box… I really need to stop watching Forensic Files…but there was no pipe bomb, instead I was very pleased; the box in which the bracelet came was pretty minimal white box with a black ribbon around it (very classy) and a nice card that with my name on it. Also, you get a little black velvet pouch to keep your Mejuri piece of choice to avoid scratches, dirty and anything that could potentially harm your beautiful piece.

As for right now this particular bracelet is currently sold out on-line, however it will be restocked in late April. The other pieces of the Dome collection are currently available!

I do plan to get my hands in one of their medallion necklaces, maybe the ones with the Zodiac sign, I really do like the quality of their pieces.


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