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Hey there! It’s that time of the month to put up my bullet journal for the month of May.

For this month’s theme I decided to go for a really minimal look, some flowers and brown paper. I got the idea out of a bunch of images on Pinterest. I bought the brown cardboard paper on Michaels and the white pen I bought it when I created my March bullet journal set up.

  1. Monthly page: For the first page I drew a flower and added the brown cardboard paper almost halfway across the flower. With the white pen I drew the rest of the flower on the brown paper.
  2. Monthly calendar: for my monthly calendar I went for the grid, on the left side I kept the regular page, but to give it a twist I drew the rest of the calendar on the brown paper.
  3. Goals, to do & Habit Tracker: I decided to include the three together because when I put them apart the page never is completed, so technically it is a waste of page, plus it is not like a I am keeping track of 1,000 habits or many things to do during the month. For the habit tracker I did a bunch of “boxes” and put 31 numbers for the day on each.  
  4. To Read, Podcasts, To watch: this a pretty new page, but since my lasts days of school are in May and I will be free I want to make a list of books, movies and podcasts I want to check out.
  5. Budget & Shopping list: All of my budget pages usually look alike, I improved the one I made last month (check it out here), now I have extra space for both paychecks I will be receiving for the month of May. As for the shopping list, I am trying to get into a more Fiber, cholesterol free, clean, organic diet so I think having a shopping list is super important of what I have to buy. 
  6. Blog & Video Ideas + Blog Planner: I used the Blog and video Ideas on my last monthly set up as well, even thought I did not use any of ideas I wrote, it’s nice to have just in case I get more ideas I would like to actually create. As for my blog planner I am using the same idea from last month as well, i just left the boxes open, and added a cardboard box in the middle to tie the theme together. 
  7. Week1: for week one I decided to keep it pretty wide and open, on that week I have half of my finals, so I wanted everything to look cleaner.
  8. Week 2: This is the other half of finals week, so I decided to keep everything clean as well. 

and yep that is it for this month’s set up, I really like how it came up, I love the way everything looks, I think I went a little over board with the flowers but whateves… haha

What do you want to see me create next month?

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