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I got another vinyl pant look, I am sorry but at the moment I was creating my content calendar + planning outfits I had the realization that winter is officially over (sad face) and  I only wore my vinyl pants like 3 times.

I thought it would be good idea to create a more “spring-y” look with the vinyl pants, since they are such a fall/winter 2017 trend. I love love how this outfit came up, yep I just happen to love all the outfits i wear… Im just kiddiiing… What I really like about this outfit is that it is so edgy and quite unique in it’s own way but fresh at the same time because of the combination of the shinny vinyl and the light colors.


I am wearing this stripes shirt, which i bought like 7 years ago in Macy’s, I don’t particularly love it anymore since it is made of chiffon and that material is so 2000 & lame, aka 2012… but I don’t have another stripes shirt. As you probably have seen from my other posts with the vinyl pants, these cool motherfu*k#rs are from ASOS. The white boots as well as the powder blue bag are from Forever21.

Also, I am updating my Instagram AGAIN, I was so into the dark browns but unfortunately I have not been able to make my feed match! which gets on my nerve. I was editing my pics with “Hollow” found in the Afterlight app and I would tweak the light, the saturation, the shadows and the fade. However, I stopped liking the look of my feed.

I have been thinking, for a really long time, about buying a Tezza preset for lightroom, at the end of the day I ended up buying the “not your baby” preset by Jeanne Grey from greylayers.com. I haven’t officially used it yet, but i edited a couple of pics and they look pretty, I like the dark browns in the filter and how the grays become almost white, also it changes the red color into more of an orange-y tone, but will see. Hopefully I can make my feed match.

What are your Instagram goals at the moment?

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