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I am probably exaggerating, but I feel that I literally faced a natural disaster and now I am trying to get my life back together, and by natural disaster I mean the horrendous finals I had to go through. Last night was the first night in more than two months that I actually slept well, and I don’t feel mentally exhausted. After 7 years of being in college, 4.5 years in a community college, 2 of those jumping from major to major and doubting everything I was doing; and 2.5 years at San Diego State University, I finally graduated!In case you haven’t read any of my previous posts (heeey and welcome) I majored in Psychology from the Science department, honestly i feel super weird and quite proud of graduating from the science department, it sounds super smart! Specially since my initial major was graphic design, omg the weird turns one makes through life am I right?

I will miss my life as a student, mostly because I liked the excuse of not working full time and buying cute outfits to go to school.  Like most college grads, I have bitter sweet feelings because I have no idea what to do with my new found freedom, I have no idea in where I want to work, and I don’t even know where to begin looking. I have a couple of plans for this summer (like purging my closet and desk, taking some road trips, and turning 26), and for the long run, while I decide whether I want to go to Grad school, besides finding a real job, save money to buy a new car. I guess I’ll keep you posted if I do any of these, including the purging of the closet and desk.

this was my face all the way through college! jk a bee was passing me by

Also, I have been looking to listen to some podcasts on life after college, unfortunately, I have not been able to find good ones (if you know of any please comment down below!), however what I did find and I am completely looking forward to merge myself into is a book called Life After College: The Complete Guide of Getting What You Want by Jenny Blake (here).  I have read some reviews by fellow bloggers, as it is part of the best books, as well as reviews on amazon and for the looks of it, it seems like a good life coach that lends you a helping hand when you don’t know where to look to.

Like any other graduate, I spend little time looking for a dress, mostly because i was a busy, I bought this floral dress on Asos, when I bought it it was technically sold out, but I added to my cart anyways and then out of mere luck my size became available and I immediately bought it. I willcheck if they still have this dress and maybe add some of the ones I was super close to buy. The heels are also from Asos, which I got back in October and the necklace was a graduation gift from my lovely mom to me.

There is so much I want to do and I feel that right now is the real time to start planning all of them. If you graduated as well Congrats to you too! and I hope you are having the time of your life and have a fun either at grad school, job hunting or both.

PS. I used the lightroom present I normally use for my insta photos to edit these babies, I am wondering if I should use it here too? what do you think? yei or nei or super nei?… or super yes?!

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